A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Accompany a little mouse whose name is Mus Rodens, in an adventure to reach the Cheese Moon and discover that the biggest stories are made by more things than only dreams.

It's recommended to play the game using a XBox controller.

Install instructions

Just extract it and search for a file called TFM. Execute it to play the game. (Linux users need to download 2 parts to extract it)

Dropbox folder url



SomnumPleniluniiWindows.zip 722 MB
SomnumPleniluniiLinux.part1.rar 700 MB
SomnumPleniluniiLinux.part2.rar 346 MB
If you use PS4 gamepad - Para mandos de PS4.zip 3 MB

Development log


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I enabled this section with the idea of using it as a bug submision system. Make sure to post it in a way I can see where the error is(any kind of image or visual resource are welcome). Be objective

Keep in mind that the game development state is "On hold" so, if there is any suggestion related with improving the playability or adding features to the game, they'll be ignored until the development is resumed (this will take place in a far future). However, if there is any good idea that could look great in the game and there is an unavoidable temptation of commenting it, feel free to post it ;) (please, don't post silly stuff)

I don't mind if there are comments with good opinions, but bad opinions and destructive critics will be deleted because I think that it makes no sense post such things. 

If there is any question related with the game, write them and they'll be answered.

Thank you